The Rockit Rocker – A Portable Baby Rocker – Review!

This is SUCH a simple idea but oh so clever and boy does it work! The Rockit Rocker, a portable baby rocker fits onto the handle of any buggy with its universal strap and basically, at the touch of a button, will rock your baby to sleep! I saw this last week at the launch party for the new Quali Strller by Egg as they had it attached to a few of their buggies and, when I put Raffie in one for a test drive they turned this rockit on and within minutes he’d stopped scratchily crying as he’d begun and… went to sleep!

Raffie having a little go in the Quail and falling asleep despite the crowded room because of the Rockit Rocker!!

I do NOT have babies who go to sleep easily… Believe me! I have babies who fight sleep, literally FIGHT it and I watch as they will their eyes open using all their strength but today… As I attached one to Raffie’s buggy when he was desperate for a nap but absolutely refusing to give in, within minutes we had lift off yet again!

So it takes 4 x AA batteries and then you attach it (easily as it goes) to the handle bar or the frame, press the button at the top end and off it goes. It has a dial at the other end where you can tone down the vibrations if needed but it basically just buzzes and moves the buggy ever so slightly and gently in a little rocking motion to mimic the sensations when you’re out pushing the buggy. CLEARLY this works! Phew!

What a rockit it is and at ¬£39.99 I’d say this is a snip – where was it 8 year’s ago when I used to have to walk Florence around and around our tiny living room coffee table in her buggy until she fell asleep and then within seconds of me sitting down on the sofa she’d be awake again! The Rockit Rocker is ACE!

We were gifted the Rockit Rocker.

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