Movie Night With Toy Story And Thinkway Toys!

Do you remember the first time you watched Toy Story? I was with Jonny in his shared house and we watched it on the HUGE video player that was about the same size as his T.V. This was about 6 years after its 1995 release so I was late to the party and not particularly interested but… Of course, like the rest of us, I fell in love with the story, the toys and everything which absolutely was intended to go over little ones heads and make grown-ups laugh out loud! I remember us watching Toy Story 2 the very next day!

Fast forward some 15 years and Toy Story 3 was released just after I had Florence and now both my kids love the trilogy as much as their parents! Jimmy in particular loves the part where Mr Potato Head takes his lips off and presses them to his bottom in a ‘kiss my butt’ motion – ha ha, perhaps not as over the kid’s heads as I’d first thought!

Of course we are not in the minority, who doesn’t love Toy Story? The characters and their voices belonging to Tom Hanks (Woody) and Buzz (Tim Allen) are so familiar it’s almost like they’re part of the family. I think it’s a franchise we won’t ever get bored of and yet another moment to say Disney, you’ve done it again!

Of course with the films came the toys and Thinkway Toys have a massive range of brilliant ones which mimic the films beautifully. My kids were delighted recently when I declared we were having a movie night with our old favourite, Toy Story, and to go with it we had a special ‘movie night’ hamper sent to us from B&M Stores and including a karate chopping Buzz (for Jimmy) and a Woody (for Florence).

Yehaaaw! Toy Story movie night!
With, of course, Buzz and Woody! This pair from Thinkway Toys came from B&M Stores along with this gorgeous cashmere blanket – It’s super soft and only a tenner, what a bargain!

So we settled down for some family movie night fun and yet again were laughing away at our favourite bits. The green army men, ‘I’ve got them’ shouts Jimmy and Florence always asks where Barbie is because she loves it in Toy Story 3 when Barbie and Ken make an appearance. I think that’s the beauty of Toy Story really, everyone recognises toys they’ve played with or toys they want to play with and when logos come on the screen that the kids recognise they delight in declaring they know exactly what that is! They absolutely LOVE having their very own Toy Story characters and Jimmy thinks the karate chopping arm on his Buzz is BRILLIANT!

Settled down to watch the movie with their new toys from Thinkway Toys at B&M!
No movie night is complete without some sweets and treats and this box (a fiver – how good?!) from B&M Stores has popcorn a plenty and a big back of pic ‘n’ mix! Yum!
Didn’t take us long to demolish it!

We loved our family movie night and when I told the kids there is a new Toy Story movie coming out in 2019 they were over the moon! It’s a long time to wait they said but it doesn’t matter because they still have the first 3 movies to watch until the 4th movie release and now of course, they have those brilliant toys too!

Everyone’s got a Toy Story story of their own and on Tuesday 27th June at 1-2.30pm We are helping a big group of top UK parenting blogger to host a Twitter Party talking about all thinks Toy Story. Come along and join us to talk about your best Toy Story moments and win some prizes. We have 6 prizes of £25 B&M vouchers up for grabs throughout the hour and a half and if you win it means you can go and grab yourself one of those gorgeous Thinkway Toys to have of your own!

Until then why don’t you have a Toy Story movie night of your very own…

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