Schleich Under The Sea!

I think it was horses that we had first with our Schleich collection and over the years they’ve been added to with more of the same, a dinosaur here and there and a whole host of gorgeous zoo animals. Jimmy loves them and despite having a tendency to turn his toys into weapons (something a medium sized Schleich animal could prove rather nasty with) he’s actually only played really lovely games with his.

It’s true that sometimes Jimmy will have dinosaurs playing with a gorilla and zebras living harmoniously next to frogs the size of their heads but for the most part he keeps them in the sets that they belong in and he understands which is great.

They’re very detailed in their hand painted design and little touches make them so realistic that simply by looking at them the children are learning about those animals. They’re usually very vivid colours too and are actually things of quite beauty. They don’t ever seem to chip either and look as good as new even when years old being passed down; they seem to last forever.

We were sent some new Schleich pieces this week and are just as bowled over as ever with them. They are under the sea creatures and have provoked lots of new questions about animals we didn’t even know (well I did obviously but Jimmy not so much) existed. Florence and Jimmy are thrilled with the new Ocean Set which has four figures and then a selection of whales and other fish to go with it.

The new ocean Schleich figures!
The new ocean Schleich figures!

On holiday a couple of weeks ago Jimmy became fascinated with what was in the sea, the creatures he could catch and what they might look like and eat. He got very worried about sharks (our fault for telling him they were in the sea when we wanted him to sit nicely and not fall out during a boat trip) and didn’t want me to go in the water but he loved catching crabs and a giant starfish which then ate the crab in our bucket – bit of education!

Our killer star fish on holiday!
Our killer starfish on holiday!

Because the children had seen the starfish in action we then googled it and found out that they are ‘opportunistic killers’… We felt a bit bad then. If we hadn’t put the starfish in the bucket with the crab it wouldn’t have gone hunting for one… Oh well. Because we’d SEEN the starfish it prompted us to educate ourselves on it which is exactly what has happened with the Schleich ocean characters. Because we have seen them, studied them and played with them, we now want to find out all about them. It;s sparked an interest which is fantastic!

Beautifully detailed!
Beautifully detailed!
The children have been having gret 'under the sea' themed games!
The children have been having gret ‘under the sea’ themed games!
And they now live happily in the Schleich box with all the other animals!
And they now live happily in the Schleich box with all the other animals!

The under the sea Schleich products couldn’t have been more topical for us really and Jimmy has been super interested in finding out all about our new creatures. I do love Schleich! While I was writing this post I found out that they even make Schleich super heroes! How good!

We were sent the new Schleich sea creatures for the purpose of an honest review. 

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