What Does Your Horoscope Say About How Messy Or Tidy You Are As A Person?!

Phew, I have just spent all morning cleaning my house and for the first time today have managed to sit down and do some work. I really needed to get up and log on first thing but my house was SUCH a tip after having friends to stay, more pals over for play dates and not enough time in the day to do more than a quick lick and spit that I physically couldn’t relax into work mode until it was done! I’ve […]

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Summer Supping With 31 Dover & WIN A Bottle Of Outer Space Vodka!

I may be pregnant this summer and having to miss out on sunny supping myself (sob – I LOVE G&T in the sunshine) but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to abstain with me… We had friends over for a BBQ on a rare sunny day this week and I absolutely revelled in creating the perfect cocktails and drinks for them because, regardless of what I myself am consuming, this is a role I love to take on… The drink […]

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We Can’t Wait For Camp Bestival 2017!

One of the biggest events in our summer calendar every year is Camp Bestival! A whole weekend of fun, music, frolics with friends and ear to ear smiles from the smallest in the family to the biggest. For the past couple of years I have been on my own with both children and met up with friends once there and it has been the most amazing weekend despite having to pitch a tent sans help – which was tricky but […]

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The Easter Holidays!

Ah I am so grumpy that the Easter holidays are over! How quickly does time fly when you’re having fun? We got to do something pretty much every single day marred only slightly by a couple of sick bugs which didn’t last long thankfully and didn’t stop us in our tracks for too many hours! We visited all our fave haunts like BeWILDerwood and Cromer, swam, ate out and spent time with some of our most favourite people and generally […]

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Time With Friends!

I was looking at something which came up on my Facebook Time Hop this week and realised that basically, I won the friendship lottery! In this picture that popped up on my time line I was sat with 5 of my very best pals and I realised that they are just a few of the people I can call besties. HOW great is that?! I love the fact that I have friends from my childhood, friends from my teens, people […]

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Babe The Sheep Pig – Theatre Tour 2017 – Review!

When we moved back to Norfolk a year ago I had lots of worries about how we would entertain ourselves. As an actress the theatre is a very important thing for me to make sure my children are acquainted and we have always taken advantage of the mega offerings in our capital; I worried that Norfolk might not be up to the standard we have grown to expect? And while it’s true we don’t have as much going on theatre […]

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Pregnancy Diary – 15 Week’s Pregnant!

So… I am 15 week’s pregnant as I write, truth be told I’m 15 and a half week’s pregnant and finally the time seems to not be standing so still. I wouldn’t say it’s marching on but it’s definitely not dragging like it was and that might have something to do with the fact I am no longer feeling so sick. I do still get the odd wave of nausea but on the whole I am back to normal – […]

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