The House Of Magic!

Ahead of its UK release date of July 25th 2014 we are getting to go and see new film The House Of Magic in a couple of weeks time!

An animated film about a cat called Thunder sounds super cute and just up our street!

Thuder has been abandoned and seeking shelter from a storm he manages to stumble into the strangest house imaginable owned by an old magician and inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos! The film is fun, off beat, full of strange and curious characters and packed to the rafters with interwoven storylines!

A fabulous children’s flick starring voices from the likes of Ewen McGreggor, Emily Blunt and William Shatner (amongst many others) Definitely one to watch this summer!

Take a look at the trailer!

Can’t wait to see it? Why not print off this door hanger and get yourself in the mood for the film!

HoM_Door Hangers_A4

I have been sent complimentary tickets to see the film.


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