We Have Some Exciting Camp Bestival News!

A week or so ago I wrote a post about all the things we are looking forward to for Camp Bestival 2017. I also gave you my toppest Cam-B tips for if you’re a first timer because the first time I went I could have been so much more prepared…

We have our little ways and means now as we’ve been going for a few years and along the way have picked up what’s important to plan for and what isn’t… Let’s just say the 6 pairs of shoes I took on our first visit were NOT necessary!

So… I just wanted to let you know that this year, for the fourth year in a row, we have been asked to be official Camp Bestival ambassadors and we are so over the moon we just had to release the news!

I’ll be bringing you lots more Camp-B info as and when I have it so watch this space for all the news and for now, take a look at my post from the 5th May to whet your appetite for attending and becoming a rock star (or a pop star) with me!

Check out my top tips and 2017 info post post here!

3 thoughts on “We Have Some Exciting Camp Bestival News!

  1. WOOOOO! I am going to be looking to you for ALL the advice. Last time we went, we left everything in the fridge. We didn’t even have milk for tea……!

    I will NOT be so disorganised this year and I WILL have all the glitter and gin!

    Can’t wait!!!

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