Cornish Daisy Luxury Cuddle Soft Fleece Blanket – A Review!

I’ve recently become a bit of a Cornish Daisy fan. I started using their bibs, both dribble and feeding and have fallen in love with them. I adore the fact that they are hand-made, they’re British (made on a small holding in Cornwall) and most importantly I’ve been very happy with the way they work.

The dribble bibs are great because they have this lovely cowl like effect around the neck meaning that nothing is stiff or uncomfortable, they’re soft and luxurious while being thick and well able for the job of protecting clothes from getting wet. But it’s the feeding bibs I am most impressed with! I reviewed both styles of bib recently and totally fell in love with the pod feeding bibs because they are, quite brilliantly, everything you need from a feeding bib! From the way they sit on the shoulders to the fact that they can be un-popped and the food tray easily wiped clean and freed of discarded food, they are super and I take mine everywhere with me because it just folds up into it’s own pocket and can be slipped into the lunch box. Jimmy doesn’t mind wearing it either which is a bonus!

Cornish Daisy also hand-make a wealth of other products: Fleece Blankets, luxury Cuddle Soft Fleece blankets, Personalised Blankets and Snugglers as well as offering combinations of products for gift sets. With all this cold weather about (it has been utterly freezing hasn’t it!) I think I feel better about Jimmy having a blanket in the buggy even though he has a footmuff and we make lots of car journeys in early mornings so something over him in the car is always good. I’ve been using a Cornish Daisy Luxury Cuddle Soft Fleece for the past couple of weeks and I think it’s every bit as good as their bibs!


This soft blanket is hand-made in Cornwall!

It’s super soft and because it’s really big (approx 75 x 100cm) you can either double it up to make it super snuggly or have it draped over just to take the edge off on a brighter day. I’ve even had it over my own knees of an evening when feeding and it’s lovely to feel on the skin as well as keeping you warm!

Because it’s so soft (and large) you can also lay the baby on it to play when out and about so that they don’t have to go on the floor. With lots of blankets I wouldn’t bother doing that because then you have to wash them when you get home and get them dry again so it hardly seems worth it. In my garden-less flat with my ridiculously trendy but useless for drying clothes radiators I try to do as little washing as possible! (We really did purchase this flat knowing we wanted babies but with absolutely no idea about the amount of washing and storage family life needs)! Fleecey material like this dries in a couple of hours… I’d always opt for that!

You might think a blanket is just a blanket but actually this is a really rather good one. It’s cute too, we have the blue with white stars and it’s a bit like a night sky. A blanket is not just a blanket, believe me, we have loads and yet only use two or three… Babies are messy, they burp up a lot when they’re new and then they drop A LOT of crumbs and dribble when they get a bit bigger, the washing well and drying quickly aspect for me is one of the most important bonuses. The fact that it is also soft and keeps Jimmy warm is what I would expect and I’m happy to report it does what it should while being big enough for all the other things I’ve mentioned.

When I’m in the supermarket these day I try only to buy British produce. I don’t want a chicken that’s been shipped in from China being goodness knows how old and I don’t want to buy fruit from farmers in other European countries because we have quite a lot of our own farmers thank you very much and we should be supporting and keeping them in business! I think it’s a good principle to work with for most things really so it’s not just food I try to buy British but other things too and the fact that these blankets are hand-made by a Mum in Cornwall is the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned!


Jimmy snuggled up in his Cornish Daisy Luxury Cuddle Soft Fleece Blanket!

I was not paid to write this post.

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