KitchenAid Hand Held Food Mixer From Review!

I have wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer for the longest time but haven’t yet got around to buying one. I wasn’t sure if justifying the money could be done as they ARE rather pricey and until now I haven’t had a kitchen big enough to accommodate one . I used to live in a tiny flat and my kitchen was so miniscule that one person on their own was in the way when using it (seriously) so I always just […]

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Aldi Post 7

An Italian Summer At Aldi – Tagliata, Meze And Tiramisu Recipes!

I am relatively new to entertaining people at supper because until recently we lived in such a tiny London flat it meant having extra people over was impossible. Now that we have a big house in the country however, this is all changing and I’m finding that I love being the host (it’s the Monika in me), We’ve had friends stay from London a few times since we moved as well as old friends from Norwich coming to visit the […]

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I’m In, I’m Team #BREMAIN, If You’re Undecided Here’s My Why!

I’m fully on the side of #BREMAIN for tomorrow’s referendum which decides if we stay within the European Union or if we leave it and I have been frightened by a lot of the things I’ve seen shared on line for the opposing view. Over the past few weeks there has been, in my view, much scaremongering from the other side and a lot of aggression. I’m not sure this has been necessary and it’s upset me that there are […]

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The Venus Snap with Evolution!

Pins Out For Summer With Gillette Venus!

It’s summer time (don’t look out the window as the vista may betray that fact) and of course this means getting those pins out for perhaps the first time in months! I have to admit I can get a bit lazy in the winter and maybe not as leg grooming punctual as I could be but come the summer months, when I’m hopefully wearing skirts and dresses WITHOUT my trust black tights, and I do try to make more of an […]

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The new collection is on sale now and so worth checking out! What a great idea!

Introducing Brazt Festival Vibes!

We’re mega keen on a festival in our house and for the past couple of year’s we’ve been to Camp Bestival which is geared up for the whole family and perfect for little ones. It’s not JUST perfect for the little ones as there’s loads of music and fun for us parents too but the thing is that no one has to compromise. It’s an amazing experience and not only did it introduce us to family festival fun but it […]

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Transport Museum 3

A Wintry Summer Half Term!

Looking out of my window this morning and it’s hard to believe a week ago we’d had gale force northerly winds during rain storms which were so cold it felt like winter. Of course it was half term… Such is always the way don’t you think. We seem to spend summer days at school and work then the minute the weekend hits and out come the clouds. I know you can’t predict or count on the weather, not in the […]

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Nutmeg Post 1

Nutmeg Autumn/Winter 2016!

Last week during half term the children and I took a trip back to London to meet up with Katy from ModernMummy and her brood so that we could attend the press preview for the Autumn/Winter range at Nutmeg. I love a good supermarket fashion buy, why not? These days the clothes you can pick up while doing the weekly shop are just as good as anywhere else on the high street with fab designs and absolutely brilliant quality what’s not […]

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