Barnaby Bear Post 1

The Class Bear – Part 2!

Just in case any of you were left wondering just how curmudgeonly this Mummy can be after my last post… I wanted to set your mind at rest and let you know that Barnaby The Bear had a truly spiffing time with us! Ok, ok, I moaned but I quite got into it in the end (having a competitive streak helps) and Jimmy was thrilled to bits with the activities we got up to with the class puppet, I mean […]

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The Class Bear!

That moment when your child comes out of school loaded down with a bag the class mascot ‘Barnaby Bear’ lives in… ‘Oh good grief!’ I didn’t so much as inwardly groan as the teacher looked at me, a little bit astonished that I could be horrid enough to show my child that I was not… (quite) as happy as him at the prospect! Perhaps I’m a mean Mummy? Maybe I’m just mean in general but surely I’m not the only mother in […]

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Pizza Express Explodes On 2017!

We often take a visit to Pizza Express and sometimes it’s for a special treat while other times it’s simply because we’re out shopping, need food at an inexpensive price and know that it will be yummy while the children will love it! We have our favourites (actually quite a few) but we especially like to try the new menus when they come out too and because the latest one has just launched it was the perfect time to visit. It was […]

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By lunch, his face says it all. LEAVE ME ALONE!

A New Year!

It’s a new year and I have massive plans for my blog and work as a media outreach consultant for 2017 yet somehow we’ve crept up to the 6th of January and I’ve not managed to do much work at all. Getting a big house ready for Christmas was a fun task but de-glitzing it afterwards seems to have taken an age and only today have I felt able to sit myself down at the computer, edit my photographs and think […]

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Florence and I celebrating her 7th birthday a few week's early with her party!

T’was The Night Before 7!

For the rest of the world tomorrow is New Year’s Eve; the end of one year and a time to celebrate the new. For us of course it’s the same, but it’s also our big girl’s birthday. And tomorrow she turns 7. I know everyone always says it but seriously, where does the time go? I think back to New Year’s Eve 2009 when I’d been days in labour contracting my way around East London, in and out of shops […]

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We got to take our London pal Zhane to the beach too!

Making Friends: How to Help your Child Find Perfect Pals and Avoid Bad Influences

  When our little ones start making friends for the first time, it can be a scary experience for us as well as our kids! How do you know if they’re making the kind of friend who will help them blossom or the kind that will lead them into mischief? Not only are our children starting school and facing a whole new environment, routine and way of learning, but they will be forming the friendships that will influence social interactions throughout […]

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Luc Belaire Luxe - a little bit of luxury for the Christmas dining table for sure!

A Little Bit Of Luxe From 31Dover Plus 10% Discount For Youuuuuuuuuuu!

Christmas comes but once a year and while I love it, totally adore it in fact, I am thankful for the infrequency of such a celebration. I don’t know about you but I feel up to my flipping eyeballs with my ‘to do’ list and being nowhere near the bottom of it, with just a few days to go doesn’t fill me with the seasonal glow I usually have whilst we celebrate at my Mum’s and watch her doing all the […]

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